The Favre Sequels Never Get Old. Brett Doesn’t Either

He ages like a fine wine. Never uncorking before it’s just the right time for him. Brett Favre’s retired three times and is back for another go ’round. His 20th season in the NFL, second with the Minnesota Vikings. I’m pretty sure this is REALLY it. Honestly, if he decides to come back next year, I’d welcome him with open arms AGAIN.

Favre tops every major quarterbacking category in the NFL record books. He had one of his best statistical seasons last year guiding the Vikings to within an interception of the franchises first Super Bowl in 33 years. Favre launched for over 4,000 passing yards, 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions leading the Vikings to a 12-4 record, an NFC North Title and the NFC Championship Game they gave away to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.

In question for this season, a surgically repaired ankle that got battered in the championship game loss to the Saints. Bone spurs were removed in May and Favre said if it weren’t healed enough, he’d stay retired. Well, it seems to be moving along in the right direction.

It certainly isn’t about the money for Favre who’s got plenty of it. A possible $20 million for this season doesn’t hurt however.

Favre did need the coaxing of three of his best pals on the Vikings to return. Kicker Ryan Longwell, offensive lineman Steve Hutchinson and defensive end Jared Allen all flew to Mississippi and accomplished their goal of getting a YES from Favre.

Good for them. I would’ve done the same thing considering that without Favre, the Vikings are a mediocre team. With him, they’ve got a legitimate shot at winning a Super Bowl. All four also decided to forget worrying about wins and losses and a Super Bowl run. They just want to have fun because money isn’t an issue with any of them any longer. Win or lose, Super Bowl or no Super Bowl, this is the last stand.

ESPN NFL analysts Tedy Bruschi and Antonio Pierce voiced their disapproval at the mission by the three Vikings saying they’ve lost respect for them because they basically begged Favre to come back and play.


Let’s remember, Bruschi, the former New England Patriots linebacker’s got three Super Bowl rings and ex-New York Giants linebacker, that would be Pierce, has one as well. Guess what. Longwell, Hutchinson, Allen and the rest of the Vikings have no “bling” what-so-ever and are running out of time.

Bruschi, Pierce and the rest of you, who claim to be sick and tired of Favre’s selfishness regarding his playing status over the past four pre-seasons, get over it! How selfish of all of you! Bruschi and Pierce only wish they could un-retire and play again.

Former Viking QB and Hall-of-Famer Fran Tarkenton went to three Super Bowls losing all of them. In his mid-60’s, he’s said many times what he wouldn’t do to strap on a helmet one more time and go for a Super Bowl ring.

As far as I’m concerned, barring serious injury, Favre could probably play until he’s 50 and have a shot at winning it all. It’s not like he’s a washed-up shell of his former self like Johnny Unitas was when he left the Baltimore Colts and got battered in his one year with the San Diego Chargers. Favre is still one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league.

In his first press conference at the Vikings training facility Wednesday Favre, who’ll be 41 in October, said,

I’ve done it all. There’s nothing left for me to prove. I’m here to have fun and help these guys win.

Nothing wrong with having a little fun with a chance to win and go out on top of the pro football galaxy.

So, win or lose, Super Bowl or no Super Bowl, enjoy Favre’s last stand. He’s still one of those players I’d pay to see play because he can still get it done.


It’s been about six weeks since I posted anything on my blog. I’m sorry about that and thank all of you who continue to hit me up for my views on the sports world.

Along with someone I dearly love, I experienced something so devastating I figured there were more important things in life than chiming in about LeBron leaving Cleveland to take his talents to South Beach.

I really don’t want to get into it, but, along with the death of my father, this was the most devastating event of my life. More so than me losing toes or a colon (see CCFA in right hand column). In that respect, I’m fine. Let’s just say, I keep getting reminders of what’s important in life. I can handle it.

All of you are important in my life. So, let’s enjoy it.

Taking into consideration this devastating event I experienced, I’m thinking hard about becoming a Rams fan again. Those of you who know me know I was a die-hard Los Angeles Rams fan back in the day. Beginning at 10 years old, through thick and thin, 0-16, 12-4, I loved them!

Like many other L.A. Rams fans, I felt I was stabbed in the back by Georgia Frontiere when she picked up the team and moved it to St. Louis and, all the while, “Madame Ram” STILL lived in Bel Air. Well, she’s gone now having passed away a few years ago.

Be it in Los Angeles, Anaheim or St. Louis, the guys who suit up in the “blue & gold” have no say where they play. They just want to play.

I’ll let you help in my decision. Let me know if you think it’s time for me to bury the hatchet (nice use of a cliché) and root for the Rams once again.

The season kicks off in three weeks. So, let me know by leaving me a comment with a “yea” or “nay” and why it‘s time to follow them, or not.

Thanks again, for continuing to enjoy my blog and being part of my life.

-Eric Geller

2 thoughts on “The Favre Sequels Never Get Old. Brett Doesn’t Either

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  1. I have been a long suffering Ram fan for a very long time now. Oh, how I agonized when they moved to St. Louis. But I still remain among their many faithful. I thought the worse thing they ever did was get rid of Kurt Warner. Bulger couldn’t take the physical beating and in the process he lost his focus and finally his job.

  2. My dad NEVER spoke of the Rams once they moved to Orange County, let alone St. Louis. I’d love to have a REAL L.A. team again … but I think I might just root for the Old Guy’s team.

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