ANAHEIM, CA – In anticipation of a new state-of-the-art stadium and the return of the National Football League to the City of Angels, some 200 die-hard Los Angeles Rams fans and former players  gathered at JT Schmid’s Brewery for the first of what promises to be many Bring Back The Los Angeles Rams Rallies in the greater L.A./Orange County area this season.

Organized by the facebook group, BRING BACK THE LOS ANGELES RAMS and it’s 3,300 and counting members, the rally brought together several local Rams Booster Clubs from as far as Whittier and Fountain Valley.

After being part of the L.A. sports landscape and culture for 49 years, the Rams abruptly left Southern California for St. Louis after the 1994 season and are now rumored to be one of a handful of  NFL teams who could claim the nation’s number two market as their home……..again.

These Rams boosters, fans and former players are intent on making sure it’s the Rams who return home.

Donning Rams jerseys and breaking out L.A. Rams memorabilia, Rams fans were able to meet, greet and get autographs from former L.A. Rams players Greg Bell, Ron Brown, Robert Delpino, Mike Lansford and Joe Sweet as well as St. Louis Rams punter Mike Horan, a member of the Rams Super Bowl 34 champions sporting his “bling.”

The Rams gathering also watched the pro football hall-of-fame induction ceremonies from Canton, Ohio with former L.A. Rams player Les Richter and St. Louis Rams RB Marshall Faulk members of the Class of 2011.

But make no mistake about it. This rally was all about getting those wheels spinning in the effort to bring the Rams back to Los Angeles.

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