Hey! I’m Still Here!

No. I haven’t gone anywhere these last couple of months. I was just so shocked my Super Bowl pick (Green Bay Packers) actually won, I had to take a step back for…oh…two months.

Actually, life….mainly mine….took priority over my thoughts on sports. Which is odd since a major part of my life happens to be sports.

So, some quick thoughts on some of the things that’ve transpired since I last posted in early February…

-It’s apparent Los Angeles will be back in the NFL with not one, but two teams by the Golden Anniversary Super Bowl. AEG’s about to finish its renovation of the DownTown L.A. Corridor with the crown jewel being Farmers Field.  An inevitable lockout by the owners of the players will slow down the process of L.A. getting back in the game. But, it’s going to happen. More on the AEG/Farmers Field situation later this week…

-For the first time in goodness knows, I didn’t fill out a “March Madness” bracket. I am quite impressed with the Butler Bulldogs making it to their second consecutive National Championship Game. The Dawgs lost to Duke in last year’s final. I’ll take the “Hoosiers” over UCONN this year. Sorry Butler. I’ve just given you the kiss of death.

-What I’ve learned this opening weekend of the baseball season is that the Angels won’t lack much offense this year. However, it looks as if they lack middle relief coming from ahead to lose three straight to Kansas City on walk-off at bats. As for the Dodgers, I’m still not too sure about their offensive capabilities, but they certainly can pitch….save for that bad outing by Ted Lilly Saturday. Both teams are works in progress. Either way, it’ll be Boston and Philadelphia in the World Series with the Phillies and that all-star pitching staff winning it in six.

-Had the Clippers not last 13 of their first 14 games, I think they’d be in the thick of the playoff hunt with Blake “Superior” Griffin about to become the toast of Los Angeles basketball in the next few years. In the meantime, it looks as if Kobe and the Lakers are about to add another three-peat to the trophy case.

-The coolest game on the planet’s about to get really cool in Southern California with both the L.A. Kings and Anaheim Ducks qualifying for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

-How about a welcome to the O.C. for the NBA’s newest So. Cal. entry, the Anaheim Royals. Glad they’re coming because there’s plenty of room and people for them here. A bit baffled why San Jose’s Shark Tank, also a new arena, isn’t the Maloof Bros. destination from archaic ARCO Arena (or whatever they’re calling it now) in Sacramento.

Just some quick thoughts. Back at it regularly for you loyal readers of mine this week. Thanks so much for your patience and loyalty.

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