Divisions Up For Grabs Coming Into Home Stretch.

Remember, use my picks to wager $$$ at your own risk. If you lose, I had nothing to do with it. If you win beaucoup $$$, a 10% tip would be cool.  But, I’m realistic. This is just for your entertainment…or not, and for me to keep my sports “mojo” going until “I’m back in the saddle”. Remember the league’s unofficial motto…“ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, MONDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY OR SATURDAY……….

Last Week: 12-4 Season: 112-80


INDIANAPOLIS (6-6) -3 @ TENNESSEE (5-7) O/U 45 pts

-Colts have lost three straight with QB Peyton Manning going through his worst stretch in memory. He’s tossed 11 interceptions in the three losses. Colts have been competitive in all three losses including last week’s 38-35 overtime loss to Dallas at the “Oil Field”. Since the Vince Young-Jeff Fisher fallout, the Titans have unraveled. Even WR Randy Moss can’t help struggling RB Chris Johnson. COLTS (30-28, COLTS)


CLEVELAND ((5-7) +1 @ BUFFALO (2-20) 39 pts
-Two up and coming teams that play hard and competitive every week. Both teams will run the ball and play solid defense. Bills have had some bad luck. If they’re going to win a game, this is it. BILLS (13-6, BILLS)

GREEN BAY (8-4) -6.5 @ DETROIT (2-10) 47 pts
-If the playoffs began this weekend, Packers would be on the outside looking in. Close game in Green Bay last month. Packers playing with sense of urgency. PACKERS (7-3, LIONS)

CINCINNATI (2-10) +8 @ PITTSBURGH (9-3) 39 pts
-So disappointed by the Bengals. So much talent and little to show for it. Could this be a Steelers let-down game after last week’s hard fought 13-10 win over the Ravens? No. They need to keep winning because they know the Ravens are still right there. STEELERS (23-7, STEELERS)

TAMPA BAY (7-5) -1 @ WASHINGTON (5-7) 40.5 pts
-Bucs need to stay in the NFC South race trailing both Atlanta and New Orleans. QB Josh Freeman and that young defense have won all their games against teams with losing records. Redskins have many issues including the benching of their best defender, Albert Haynesworth. BUCCANEERS (17-16, BUCCANEERS)

ATLANTA (10-2) -7 @ CAROLINA (1-11) 42 pts
-Panthers are terrible but won’t lay down for the division rival Falcons. Atlanta looking to make sure the road to the Super Bowl goes through Dixie. FALCONS (31-10, FALCONS)

OAKLAND (6-6) +3.5 @ JACKSONVILLE (7-5) 42 pts
-A lot of running in this one. Raiders boast Darren McFadden and Michael Bush while the Jags have Maurice-Jones Drew. Two solid defenses. Difference is at QB with David Garrard a steady presence who plays well every other year. This is one of those “other years”. Raiders have problems at QB especially when behind. JAGUARS (38-31, JAGUARS)

ST. LOUIS (6-6) +8.5 @ NEW ORLEANS (9-3) 46.5 pts
-I really want to pick the Rams in this one. A top ten defense, RB Steven Jackson and rookie of the year QB Sam Bradford. But, they’re in the Dome against a saints team getting healthy on both sides of the ball and ready to defend their Super Bowl title. QB Drew brees has many weapons to go to especially with Reggie Bush back in the line-up. Close one. SAINTS (31-13, SAINTS)

SEATTLE (6-6) +5 @ SAN FRANCISCO (4-8) 41.5 pts
-Seahawks can take a stranglehold on the NFC West with a win over the Niners who are going back to Alex smith at QB. Seahawks steady with veteran Matt Hasselbeck and Marshawn Lynch gives them solid running. 49ers very physical. Close one. SEAHAWKS (40-21, 49ERS)

NEW ENGLAND (10-2) -2 @ CHICAGO (9-3) 38 pts
-Patriots are rolling behind opportunistic defense and QB Tom Brady. Bears are rolling behind a great defense and QB Jay cutler playing well. Weak link is that Chicago offensive line which has issues protecting Cutler. Patriots will come at him. Close one. PATRIOTS (36-7, PATRIOTS)

MIAMI (6-6) +5 @ NY JETS of NEW JERSEY (9-3) 38.5 pts
-Jets aren’t happy after getting blown out on Monday night football to the Patriots, 45-3. Dolphins lost at home to the browns 13-10. Rex is coming after it. JETS (10-6, DOLPHINS)

DENVER (3-9) -4 @ ARIZONA (3-9) 43.5 pts
-Josh McDaniels is out as coach of the Broncos who have a solid passing game behind QB Kyle Orton. Cardinals would be really good with Orton. They have no QB and it shows. BRONCOS (43-13, CARDINALS)

KANSAS CITY (8-4) -9.5 @ SAN DIEGO (6-6) 45 pts
-This poor Chargers fan taking last week’s home loss to the Raiders poorly AGAIN.

QB Matt Cassel’s out after an appendectomy. Chiefs with a huge running attack. Chargers not too happy after special teams had issues against Oakland last week. QB Phillip Rivers and the league’s top defense need to win and keep pace with KC in the AFC West. CHARGERS (31-0, CHARGERS)

PHILADELPHIA (8-4) -3.5 @ DALLAS (4-8) 51 pts
-Cowboys would be undefeated under “interim head coach” Jason Garrett if not for a Roy Williams fumble against the Saints on Thanksgiving. With QB Michael Vick in the line-up, Eagles are a Super Bowl contender. Close one. EAGLES (30-27, EAGLES)


-No line and the game is even because of the uncertainty for the Vikings at QB and the game’s been moved to Monday in Detroit because the **MetroDome roof collapsed due to heavy snow. 4th time that’s happened in the MetroDome’s history. No wonder the Vikings want a new stadium.

Brett Favre with a shoulder injury that knocked him out of last week’s win over Buffalo after three plays. Tarvaris Jackson took over and led the Vikings to a nice win. Favre just four games shy of starting in 300 straight games. The streak is really all the Vikings have. Giants playing well again and have a defense that likes to take down a quarterback. Close one. Favre starts and has a big game. VIKINGS (21-3, GIANTS)

BALTIMORE (8-4) -3 @ HOUSTON (5-7) 46 pts
-Houston’s defense is terrible. The Ravens defense is one of the top three in the league and unhappy after losing at home to the Steelers last week. RAVENS (34-28, RAVENS)

*Los Angeles (15 years, 14 weeks)

**Wanted to mention the temperature today, December 12, 2010, in Los Angeles is 84 degrees with clear, blue skies. What a “terrible” place for an NFL game. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

Rams and Chargers could be back in the City of Angels soon.

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