Championships Are Won In December. Ravens, Patriots & Falcons Play Like Champions.

Remember, use my picks to wager $$$ at your own risk. If you lose, I had nothing to do with it. If you win beaucoup $$$, a 10% tip would be cool.  But, I’m realistic. This is just for your entertainment…or not, and for me to keep my sports “mojo” going until “I’m back in the saddle”. Remember the league’s unofficial motto…“ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, MONDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY OR SATURDAY……….

Last Week: 12-4 Season: 100-76


HOUSTON (5-6) +8 @ PHILADELPHIA (7-4) O/U 52 pts

-Eagles QB Michael Vick threw his first interception since before his incarceration and Philly suffered its first loss with Vick at starting QB at Chicago last week. The Texans, with that pathetic defense, shut out a Tennessee team in turmoil. The Texans will have issues chasing Vick at the “Linc”. EAGLES (34-24, EAGLES)


NEW ORLEANS (8-3) -6.5 @ CINCINNATI (2-9) 45.5 pts

-An upset special? Maybe. Bengals with much too much talent to be this bad. Saints need to keep pace with Atlanta. SAINTS (34-30, SAINTS)

CHICAGO (8-3) -5 @ DETROIT (2-9) 44 pts

-A little pay-back for the Lions? Remember opening day when the refs took the win from Detroit in Chicago?

Unfortunately for the Lions, Matthew Stafford is out and they’re playing out the string while the Bears are much better on both sides of the ball. No controversy in this one. BEARS (24-20, BEARS)

SAN FRANCISCO (4-7) +9 @ GREEN BAY (7-4) 41 pts

-Can you believe it! After that 27-6 Monday Night win over Arizona, the 49ers are in the thick of the NFC West race. Too bad they won’t have Montana-Rice or Young-Rice in this one because Aaron Rodgers should have a field day. PACKERS (34-16, PACKERS)


-This one’s even because of the uncertainty in the Titans camp regarding many things. The Jags are tied for first with QB David Garrard and RB Maurice Jones-Drew playing well. Who ever’s QBing the Titans will have to find WR Randy Moss or give the ball a majority of the time to RB Chris Johnson. JAGUARS (17-6, JAGUARS)

DENVER (3-8)  +9 @ KANSAS CITY (7-4) 48.5 pts

-The Chiefs are rolling while the Broncos have been caught cheating. Too much running game by KC and, NOW, QB Matt Cassel and WR Dwayne Bowe are a dynamic duo. CHIEFS (10-6, CHIEFS)

CLEVELAND (4-7) +5 @ MIAMI (6-5) 43 pts

-The Browns are good. But, without rookie QB Colt McCoy out with a high ankle sprain and gives them the best shot to win, the Dolphins have too much on both sides of the ball and will take it to Cleveland. DOLPHINS (13-10, BROWNS)

BUFFALO (2-9) +5.5 @ MINNESOTA (4-7) 44.5 pts

-If Buffalo WR Steven Johnson can hold on to the ball…….Bills are the only team to have lost three overtime games in one season. It’s in the Dome against a more talented Vikings team with nothing to lose at this point and just playing to have fun for undefeated “interim coach” Leslie Frazier. VIKINGS (38-14, VIKINGS)

WASHINGTON (5-6) +7 @ NY GIANTS of NEW JERSEY (7-4) 43.5 pts

-NFC East showdown. Redskins can make a race of it with a win. Giants are the better team and shouldn’t overlook Washington. GIANTS (31-7, GIANTS)

OAKLAND (5-6) +12.5 @ SAN DIEGO (6-5) 45 pts

-Raiders are REALLY  .500 team. The Chargers are who we thought they were! SLOW STARTERS…FAST FINISHERS!……One of the AFC’s best teams especially with QB Phillip Rivers.

Remember that HOLY ROLLER 1978 game at The Q (then known as Jack Murphy Stadium). Enjoy Jim Simpson and ex-Miami Dolphins/Cleveland Browns WR Paul Warfield calling the action for NBC.

Love how Simpson rattles off scores in between plays mentioning LOS ANGELES with a 10-0 lead on ATLANTA with seven minutes to go, Cullen Bryant scoring the TD for the LA RAMS. Anyway…..No HOLY ROLLER finish for the Raiders. CHARGERS (28-13, RAIDERS)

DALLAS (3-8) +5 @ INDIANAPOLIS (6-5) 48 pts

-Colts still with nagging injuries, were exposed by the Chargers. A little pass rush can force Colts QB Peyton Manning into mistakes. Dallas defense can cause some problems. I REALLY want to pick the Cowboys in an upset. I just can’t see Peyton allowing two straight home losses. Close one. COLTS (38-35, COWBOYS….should’ve gone with the gut.)

ST. LOUIS (5-6) -3 @ ARIZONA (3-8) 43.5 pts

-Can the Rams win two straight roadies? Well, considering how pathetic the Cardinals looked on both sides of the ball in their Monday Night home loss to the 49ers, the Rams are rolling to .500 behind that top-ten defense, rookie QB Sam Bradford and the Man Amongst Boys RB Steven Jackson. Playoffs (and Los Angeles in 2015), HERE WE COME! RAMS (19-6, RAMS)

CAROLINA (1-10) +6 @ SEATTLE (5-6) 40 pts

-Seahawks must keep pace with the Rams in the NFC West. Panthers playing for the 2011 top draft pick. SEAHAWKS (31-14, SEAHAWKS)

ATLANTA (9-2) -3 @ TAMPA BAY (7-4) 44.5 pts

-NFC South battle. If the Buccaneers want to keep their division and playoff hopes alive, beating the Falcons at home is a must. QB Matt Ryan and the Falcons trying to nail down not only a division title, but home filed throughout the NFC playoffs.  Bucs QB Josh Freeman up to the challenge. Close one. FALCONS (28-24, FALCONS)

PITTSBURGH (8-3) +3 @ BALTIMORE (8-3) 39.5 pts

-Ben Roethlisberger, reportedly, has a broken bone in a foot. Problems. Two very similar teams. However, the Ravens, who really don’t have any question marks on either side of the ball, are loaded and are my AFC Super Bowl pick. Close one for the AFC North. RAVENS (13-10, STEELERS)


NY JETS of NEW JERSEY (9-2) +3.5 @ NEW ENGLAND (9-2) 45.5 pts

-Too bad I can’t call a tie in an NFL game. Well. I guess I can if each team can’t score a point in the 15 minute overtime period. This is for the AFC East with two teams who’ll both make the playoffs. Patriots looked awfully good in Detroit Thanksgiving Day as the Jets did at home against Cincinnati. Jets held serve in New Jersey. Gotta go with the Patriots holding down “The Razor”. PATRIOTS (45-3, PATRIOTS)


*Los Angeles (15 yrs, 13 wks)

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