Time for Me, and the RAMS, to Win Big Again!


Before I get to the prognostications, here’s the opening to a classic football flick from the early 70s starring Charlton Heston as the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. NUMBER ONE. You gotta love the LA RAMS sporting the old BLUE & WHITE Unis. Enjoy the open and rent the DVD. Music score credits…DOMINIC FRONTIERE. Yes, Georgia’s husband. Heston wears #17. The actual game footage of #17 is Billy Kilmer…the Saints first QB.

Remember, use my picks to wager $$$ at your own risk. If you lose, I had nothing to do with it. If you win beaucoup $$$, a 10% tip would be cool.  But, I’m realistic. This is just for your entertainment…or not, and for me to keep my sports “mojo” going until “I’m back in the saddle”. Remember the league’s unofficial motto…“ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, MONDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY OR SATURDAY“…………

Last Week:  8-6 (better)  Season:  47-43

CINCINNATI (2-3) +3 @ ATLANTA (4-2) O/U 43 pts
-Bengals QB Carson Palmer hearing the boos with some turnover issues. Palmer and the Bengals with two weeks to figure it out. How about setting up the pass by handing off to RB Cedric Benson. Then, work it downfield to T.O. and Ocho Cinco. The Falcons are plus 14 in turnovers. That’s good. Didn’t look good in last week’s loss at Philadelphia. CB Dante Robinson makes the D work. But, he could be out because of last week’s helmet-to-helmet hit to Eagles WR DeSean Jackson. Robinson was docked 50-Large and given a one-game suspension. Palmer will look to torch the secondary. Falcons QB Matt Ryan could have a field day against a Bengals D that’s got just six sacks this season, second fewest in the league. Falcons get RB Mike Turner going, that’s going to open it up for Ryan. FALCONS (39-32, FALCONS)

WASHINGTON (3-3) +3 @ CHICAGO (4-2) 40.5 pts
-Redskins have a terrible defense. Bears have a terrible offense because they have a swiss-cheese offensive line that’s let QB Jay Cutler get sacked a league-worst 27 times. I have a headache just reading that. Considering they can’t run the ball, it doesn’t look good. The Bears defense is one of the best. Difference is Redskins QB Donovan McNabb has solid pass protection and will have more time than Cutler to find receivers downfield. It’ll be close. REDSKINS (17-14, REDSKINS)

PHILADELPHIA (4-2) +3 @ TENNESSEE (4-2) 42.5 pts
-Eagles beat Atlanta last week with QB Du Jour Kevin Kolb having a huge passing day. WR DeSean Jackson’s out with a concussion due to a hit by Falcons CB Dante Robinson. Jeremy Macklin will be busy. Titans QB Vince Young questionable with a sprained knee and ankle. Back-up Kerry Collins suffering from an injured finger on his throwing hand. Look for Young to play and hand off to RB Chris Johnson to set up some short passes. The Titans defensive line is the best in the league sacking QB’s 24 times and going up against an Eagles offensive line that’s allowed 20 sacks. You do the math. I did. TITANS (37-19, TITANS)

JACKSONVILLE (3-3) +9 @ KANSAS CITY (3-2) 37.5 pts
-Did you take a look at the Jags sideline as time was running down in their Monday night 30-3 home loss to Tennessee? Those blank stares said “wave the white flag”. Both QB’s David Garrard and Trent Edwards are out with injuries. J’Ville just signed Todd Bouman, THIS WEEK, and will make his first start since ‘05. RB Maurice Jones-Drew is going to be busy. Kansas City’s solid on defense, special teams and that running game. QB Matt Cassel’s improving and just needs to not make mistakes and manage the game. CHIEFS (42-20, CHIEFS)

PITTSBURGH (4-1) -3 @ MIAMI (3-2) 41 pts
-This game’s going to hurt so don’t sit too close to the tv screen. Both teams are built with monster lines on both sides of the ball and look to control the game in the trenches. Dolphins with a huge win in Green Bay last week. Meanwhile, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger worked his “pre-season game” beating the Browns last week after a month off due to a suspension. Steelers are loaded everywhere and are the best team in the league at the moment. Close and physical. STEELERS (23-22, STEELERS)

CLEVELAND (1-5) + 13 @ NEW ORLEANS (4-2) 43 pts
-Saints QB Drew Brees showed off that “gun” that made him MVP and a Super Bowl Champion last season. Last week, he threw darts downfield and pulverized a Tampa Bay secondary that was primed to make a statement against the champs. A statement was made. But, by the Champs. Subbing for injured RB’s Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory ran for 158 yards and opened the air for Brees. Browns may have found their “franchise quarterback”. Subbing for injured Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace, Texas rookie Colt McCoy had a solid debut against the “Steel Curtain Defense” despite being sacked five times. “The Real McCoy” passed for 281 yards and a touchdown in the Browns loss. Browns need to roll with their Colt and get better while taking their lumps. SAINTS (30-17, BROWNS)

ST. LOUIS (3-3) +3 @ TAMPA BAY (3-2) 38.5 pts
-The Buccaneers defense got smoked at home by the Saints last week. With good reason. They can’t put pressure on the QB recording a league-low four sacks so far. They’re second worst against the run. Uh-oh. The Young Rams are back and for real! The Rams defense held San Diego’s top-ranked offense to under 300 yards in St. Louis’ 20-17 win sacking Bolt QB Phillip Rivers seven times. On offense, top overall pick, rookie QB Sam Bradford is playing like a seasoned vet.  “Slingin’ Sammy B” made the Bolts D work hard finding 10 different receivers. He can thank RB Steven Jackson who’s rushed for over 500 yards and a National Conference-high 127 carries which opens up the passing game for Bradford. Jackson’s a scary man to try and stop. Doesn’t look good for the Bucs. RAMS (18-17, BUCCANEERS)

SAN FRANCISCO (1-5) -3 @ CAROLINA (0-5) 35.5 pts
-Could be the worst game of the day. Carolina’s terrible and going back to QB Matt Moore who was replaced by Notre Dame rookie Jimmy Clausen who proved completely ineffective. I think the University of Oregon Ducks could give the Panthers a run for their money. The 49ers finally got a win over Oakland last week. QB Alex Smith still has issues. But, when he’s on, he’s good. He can reduce some pressure by handing off to RB Frank Gore who recorded 149 yards in the win over the Raiders. The Niners defense is playoff caliber. 49ERS (23-20, PANTHERS)

BUFFALO (0-5) +13 @ BALTIMORE (4-2) 40 pts
-The Bills are playing hard but are no match for the Ravens. I think the University of Oregon Ducks could give the Bills a run for their money. RAVENS (37-34, RAVENS)

ARIZONA (3-2) +7 @ SEATTLE (3-2) 40 pts
-First place in the NFC West on the line in the Emerald City! Last week, the Seahawks traded for Bills RB Marshawn Lynch and it paid off immediately. He rushed for 44 yards on 17 carries scoring a touchdown in Seattle‘s 23-20 win at Chicago. His threat took the heat off QB Matt Hasselbeck who threw for 353 yards looking like the QB who took the Water Birds to the Super Bowl a few years back. The Cardinals have a solid running game and defense. Problem is their QB is undrafted Max Hall. Who’s he you ask? That’s the issue. They let go of former top pick Matt Leinart and Browns reject Derek Anderson was terrible. The old “chicken with his head cut off” routine. SEAHAWKS (22-10, SEAHAWKS)

OAKLAND (2-4) +7.5 @ DENVER (2-4) 43 pts
-The Raiders with defensive issues and QB issues. Starter Bruce Gradkowski’s still out with a shoulder injury and Jason Campbell played “JeMarcus Russell-espque” in the loss at Frisco last week and, adding injury to insult, suffered a left knee sprain. Here comes Ravens and Rams reject Kyle Boller. Broncos ran the ball well in their 24-20 home-loss to the Jets last week. QB Kyle Orton putting up great numbers. This old AFL Rivalry’s always entertaining. BRONCOS (59-14, RAIDERS)

NEW ENGLAND (4-1) +2 @ SAN DIEGO (2-4) 48.5 pts
-I feel bad for this die-hard Chargers fan who may end up like this for the third straight week.

Have I mentioned that’s me in the 70s whenever the LOS ANGELES RAMS suffered a loss. I feel your pain, little man!! Poor kid. I’m inclined to go with the Chargers who play much better at the Q while going 0-4 on the road. QB Phillip Rivers carries that team like Peyton Manning does the Colts. Chargers defense gave up huge yards in last week’s loss at St. Louis. Their special teams continue to falter. Not good considering the Patriots special teams take advantage in that department. Just ask Miami. Pats QB Tom Brady has his old partner, WR Deion Branch back after his exile in Seattle. Patriots defense getting better after stopping the Ravens in the 4th quarter last week in New England’s win. PATRIOTS (23-20, PATRIOTS)

MINNESOTA (2-3) +2.5 @ GREEN BAY (3-3) 44 pts (SNF)
-Sure. Brett Favre’s back in Green Bay. He’s also got off the field issues we’ve all heard about. He’s got tendonitis in his throwing shoulder. He also has Randy Moss, Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice to throw to. Not to mention (but I will) RB Adrian Peterson. The Vikings defense is one of the best led by Jared Allen. Vikes are back on track after beating the Cowboys last week. Meanwhile, injuries galore on both sides of the ball for the Packers who will try to avoid a three-game skid against Favre and the Norsemen. QB Aaron Rodgers and the packers will be working on raw emotion. I think it’s close for three quarters. Then, the injuries and a better team take its toll on the Cheese Heads. “Who’s your Huckleberry?” Brett Favre is. VIKINGS (28-24, PACKERS)

NY GIANTS of NEW JERSEY (4-2) +3 @ DALLAS (1-4) 44.5 pts (MNF)
-The Cowboys played much better last week and still lost, this time to the Vikings, 24-21, after the most over-rated and over-hyped player in NFL history, QB Tony Romo, threw a pick late in the game with a tie score which led to the Vikings winning field goal. Romo did throw three TD passes. But his mistakes led to 10 Minnesota points. Dallas might have the league’s best talent (although I completely disagree), but don’t seem to be a cohesive unit. The Giants are playing extremely well since a slow start looking like the team that won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. They’re running, the defense is stellar and QB Eli Manning’s getting time to make good passes for scores. With all that said, it’s an NFC East clash and I just can’t see the Cowboys going 1-5, especially with all that pre-season Super Bowl hype. Close one. COWBOYS (41-35, GIANTS)

*LOS ANGELES (15 years, 7 weeks…………COME ON, MAGIC JOHNSON!!)

“Bloop Single”

Think about this. Either the Texas Rangers win the World Series in their first-ever trip to the Fall Classic, or the San Francisco Giants win their first World Series since 1954 when they were in New York and Willie Mays patrolled center field. Either way, all baseball fans win (except maybe those in Gotham and the City of Brotherly Love) because there will be a brand new World Series Champion and we’re all spared from watching the Yankees and the Phillies. I’m going with the Rangers in seven because of some guy named Cliff Lee. Should be a fun series to watch. ENJOY!!

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