All Sainz Point to Tabloid Journalism

Let’s get one thing straight. Women sports journalists have every right to be in a locker room to do their jobs, before and after games, just as the men do.

There’s protocol here.

You hear about all these “unwritten rules” in sports such as baseball’s where if your team’s ahead by ten runs and you have a runner on first, you don‘t attempt a steal of second base to “pile it on.”

It works just the same for those that cover the games as well. The obvious one is You dress in a professional manner. A sports journalist is at a game, or a practice, to GET the story, not BE the story.

Ines Sainz

I’d never heard of TV AZTECA of MEXICO “sports reporter” Ines Sainz until last week’s practice field and locker room fiasco involving members of the New York Jets. For that matter, I’d never heard of TV AZTECA of MEXICO either. That’s besides the point.

Anyway, judging from all the photographs of Miss Sainz you can view online, some of which I am providing in this blog, it’s obvious she wants the attention and wants to be the story, not tell a story, unless it‘s hers.

Sainz’s wardrobe choices when covering these sports events filled with male testosterone are more suited for an evening with girlfriends at a night club, which is also filled with male testosterone.

Sainz at Jets practice.

Take a look at what she was wearing at Jets practice when the incident involving “cat calls” by players occurred causing this controversy the NFL and Women’s Journalism Groups want investigated.

You know what we say about pictures, “A picture says a thousand words.” Judging from some of Sainz’s, which I’ve provided examples of on this blog, maybe a thousand AND ONE.

Sainz at work.

In her blog, The Legal WaterCooler, legal marketer Heather Morse Milligan discussed the alleged inexcusable and inappropriate behavior displayed by the New York Jets players towards Miss Sainz and how her attire, which seems to be appropriate in her native Mexico, was inappropriate HERE provoking the players reaction Sainz got.

I find it hard to believe a serious, self-respecting female sports reporter who works on national TV, HERE, in the USA would want similar attention Sainz seems to get. Again, see the pics I’ve provided.

Some of the well-respected sports reporters, who are women, we see on national television regularly like NBC’s Andrea Kremer, CBS’s Bonnie Bernstein, from ESPN/ABC Linda Cohn, Michele Tafoya and Erin Andrews, all don’t want to be the story, they tell it well and certainly aren‘t looking for the “exposure“ Sainz seems to be happy to provide (see attached photographs).

These well-respected women of sports journalism understand protocol HERE dressing appropriately in business attire for work that takes them to locker rooms.

Unfortunately for Andrews, who is quite attractive and was voted the Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year for 2008-2009 by Playboy, she became the story when a stalker was video-taping her undressed in hotel rooms through peepholes.

All these women sports journalists have to deal with stereotypes Sainz portrays regarding women sportscasters and are tired of it. Kremer voiced her displeasure in a NY Daily News article regarding this incident.

I’ve been in this business going on 16 years. I’ve worked with women that have earned respect, in and out of the locker room, that understand unwritten rules and protocol regarding attire. You see them in the press box, and locker room, every year.

I’ve also worked with those women that want to be the story. They last for “a cup of coffee.”

Super Bowl Week has an annual Media Day, usually the Tuesday before the game, that involves the players answering questions from all sorts of media from all over the globe that have any kind of television show and are granted a credential.

That includes sports news media mixed in with correspondents from comedy shows like The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The latter look for comedy bits to broadcast during their late night shows.

That also includes TV AZTECA of MEXICO who sent a “woman sports reporter” to a recent Super Bowl, not Sainz, dressed in a wedding gown to propose to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Based on that fact alone, the journalistic credibility of  TV AZTECA and Sainz, has to be questioned.

As far as those that are covered in the locker room, the players, they have to work by a set of guidelines as well because those journalists that enter their locker room are there to tell the players’ story. Plain and simple. Regardless of attire, they should respect those entering a locker room are there to do a job.

But, what do you want from a bunch of 25-year old male millionaires whose bodies are part of the sports display. Doesn’t make their “cat calls” directed towards Sainz acceptable. By the way, they aren’t.

Sainz at Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, February 2009

What TV AZTECA of MEXICO and its “women sports reporters” should realize is when you go to work in a foreign country, as guests, you abide by the host country’s protocol and culture, which, when reporting on sports is involved, you don’t parade around in a professional teams locker room wearing attention-grabbing, skimpy night club attire.

That might be considered “professional sports reporting attire” in Mexico. But, it isn’t in the United States of America.

But, mission accomplished by Sainz. We, now, all know who she is and expect big $$$ offers for the sexy ‘caster from some magazines (Playboy? Maybe Penthouse?) in the good ol’ USA .

At least now I know, if I cover a sports event in Mexico any time soon, I can wear some of my night club gear.  LOOK OUT, SENORITAS!!

photos courtesy: Esquire, Hombre

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