Et Tu, LeBron?!?! We Are All WITNESS!

WOW! Fantasy Basketball League’s becoming reality right before our very eyes. LeBron, D’Wade and Chris Bosh all on the same team. Three of the top five picks in the 2003 NBA Draft wearing the same uniform and it doesn’t say “USA” across the chest.


Fitting that the Miami Heats’road uniform is black and Pat Riley sports that “Gordon Gekko” hair-do.

Greed is good.

C’mon! Who doesn’t love the 80s!?!

Seven years after Ohio native LeBron James, the anointed “chosen one” and lottery pick delivered to the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers after the “ping-pong ball gods” made it so, arrived with so much promise of a championship Clevelanders have been longing for since Jim Brown’s Browns won an NFL Championship in 1964.…………………………

He’s gone.

In his wake headed south to Miami, Bron-Bron leaves Cleveland with one Eastern Conference Title, two Most Valuable Player Awards and millions of broken hearts.

Like Cleveland sports fans aren’t used to that.

Reality is LeBron fulfilled his seven-year obligation to the Cleveland Cavaliers lifting them to “elite status” in the association.

No championship. But, you can‘t have everything.

LeBron earned his free agency status and the right to shop his services to find the best opportunity for him to win a championship and play alongside anyone he wants.

He tried to lure Bosh to Cleveland. Bosh wanted South Beach. So, you can’t lure ’em, join ’em.

LeBron didn’t do anything a pro sports team owner wouldn’t do. The King did what’s best for LeBron and his brand. He left for greener pastures and a much better chance of winning that championship he covets. That’s fine.

But, it’s the way he did it that’s not so fine. LeBron pulled a “Robert Irsay“.

In the wee hours of the night in the Spring of 1984 the late, former owner of the then Baltimore Colts brought in moving trucks driving his franchise out of Maryland to Indianapolis before anyone that bled Colts blue and white knew what in the name of Johnny Unitas happened.

No 18 wheeler needed for LeBron to drive the dagger home. Lebron humiliated and betrayed Cleveland sports fans on national television in a prime time, one-hour, self-absorbed ESPN “Decision Special” rendering all of us witness to their latest sports anguish.

Cleveland deserved much better from the local boy.

How gut-wrenching that reality show was for Cleveland sports fans. They understood five other teams had a shot at LeBron and probably would’ve reacted better to the news of the Kings departure had he made them aware prior to his “prime time fiasco”. Instead, Cleveland’s “chosen one” made his hometown fans “the shafted ones” once again.

“It’s a business decision.”

That’s what LeBron said during the fiasco after revealing the Heat was his choice. That’s fine.

That‘s what Irsay said after the contents of the moving trucks were unloaded in Indy and what Art Modell, the former owner of the old Cleveland Browns, said when he moved his team to Baltimore to become the Ravens.

What LeBron’s decision did is “put the shoe on the other foot.”

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert became one of those jilted sports fans evidence being the bitter message he fired off vilifying LeBron on the Cavaliers website after the King’s ready for prime-time knife stabbing.

Continuing the “rub the salt in the wound tour”, the hoops trinity was paraded at American Airlines Arena in Miami Friday night in their new Heat garb with D’Wade introducing the King and the Predator (I‘m sorry, that‘s who Bosh resembles)to Heat fans.

All three look good in those uniforms. We’ll see how it works out on the court this coming fall.

Remember Dan. Business is business.

The Cavaliers and new head coach Byron Scott, who‘s got to feel as if someone pulled the rug out from under his feet,

Cavs head coach Byron Scott

will march on. At this point, no longer championship contenders, most likely as an eight-seed in the eastern conference.

So will Lebron, D’Wade, Bosh and the Heat, most likely as the east’s top-seed with eventual trips to the finals and a championship or two at some point. But, not yet.

That would have the Heat and Cavs meeting in next Spring’s first round of the NBA Playoffs. If there’s any poetic justice at all for those jilted Cavalier fans, their team would take the Heat to a seventh game and win it with a buzzer-beater literally sending LeBron, D’Wade and Bosh to the beach.

Cleveland sports fans can only hope. At this point, that’s all they have.

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