Saints Ice SB XLIV on Tracey Porter Pick, Beat Colts, 31-17

Under five minutes left in Super Bowl 44. Saints up 24-17. “St. Peyton Manning” and the Colts driving for the tying score. That’s when New Orleans defensive back Tracey Porter reads Manning’s eyes and steps in front of Indy receiver Reggie Wayne and intercepts the pill going the other way 74 yards for the winning touchdown.

Below is an excerpt from my Super Bowl 44 prediction posted Saturday:

“It’s hard to go against Peyton Manning and the Colts because Manning is a surgeon on the field cutting up the league’s best defense for 377 passing yards and three TD’s in the AFC Championship. But Brees and the Saints can light it up as well. So, it’s about the defenses. Because Freeney, the Colts monster pass-rusher, will be much less than 100%, I think the Saints’ opportunistic defense might have the edge and will come at a third straight future hall-of-fame QB with a bull-rush causing turnovers which, ultimately, will be the difference in the game. That plays right into New Orleans’ hands.”

Thank You! Those hands belonged to Tracey Porter of the Opportunistic Saints Defense working their eighth turnover of the post-season. It iced the Saints first Super Bowl championship. The Saints are a deserving team who played the best during the playoff run. Think about it.

The Saints defense stopped three sure hall-of-fame quarterbacks in consecutive games, driving one to retire…..maybe two. Arizona’s Kurt Warner, who decided to hang it up after a vicious hit delivered by the Saints defense. Minnesota’s Brett Favre, who may retire….again…then unretire….again, and Indianapolis’ Peyton Manning.

Got to give it up to Saints quarterback and Super Bowl 44 MVP Drew Brees who completed 32 of 39 passes for 288 yards and two touchdowns. The moment with his son after the game was priceless. How about head coach Sean Payton. Going for the win TWICE. Unsuccessful towards the end of the first half going for it on fourth and goal. Then, after The Who’s halftime extravaganza, opens the second half with a successful on-side kick that gave the Saints momentum. You might say it was “very Boise St. of coach Payton” to go for broke. The Saints out-played the Colts from the second quarter on out-scoring Indianapolis 31-7 after falling behind 10-0 in the first.

Congratulations to the World Champion New Orleans Saints, the people of the “Big Easy” and the entire state of Louisiana. Never though I’d ever see the Saints win a Super Bowl. WHO DAT!

“Bloop Single”

*Let’s try it again. Super Bowl XLV (45) at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas.  Minnesota over San Diego.

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